10 Steps to implement successful Employee Social Recognition Platform

imageWhy an Operational Plan is necessary to roll out Employee Social Recognition Platform?

Employee Social Recognition Platforms are no longer seen as a good to have, but are soon becoming main trend.

When you choose an Employee Social Recognition Platform you need to also think about operational plan on how to get your employees use the platform. Attention is in details while rolling out Employee Social Recognition Platform.

Rolling out Employee social recognition platform for success is all about coming up with an operational plan and executing it.

The following are 10 steps to follow which will ensure successful implementation of Employee Social Recognition Platform.

  1. Identify the data needs of the platform and prepare for it
  2. Create a community to be ambassadors for employee recognition
  3. Develop communication strategy for letting employees know about it
  4. Communication from Top management to leadership and employees
  5. HR to introduce the platform in all employees meeting
  6. Leadership team leads the way by using the platform
  7. Monthly review with leadership team on usage
  8. Celebrate Recognition or Appreciation day and ask employees to take time to appreciate their peers and managers
  9. Use project milestones to send appreciation
  10. Use analytics to measure engagement

For more details on what social recognition platform is and how you can implement it in your organisation, please feel free to send email to info@appreiz.com.


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