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Recognition is more than saying “Good job”

When you recognize someone for a good job , try to be as articulate as possible. If you just say “Good job” it doesn’t tell what are you recognizing them for. It

When you appreciate someone or recognize someone tell them what are you recognizing them for and in what context and what was the impact of their activity. Then the appreciation or recognition becomes much more powerful and motivates them to do more. It actually helps the person to understand what capabilities that they need to use more.

Recognition should be personal, connected, impactful and memorable for the recipient. Recognition should be timely, specific and sincere.

In an organization , if you provide tools to help people recognize each other by calling out the demonstrated capability, context and impact, you can make sure recognition is more than a lip service  and more than a pat on the back. Employees will feel more motivated and it will help in employee engagement. These tools also help HR with HR analytics.

For more details please reach out to info@appreiz.com.


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