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Dependability and Recognition

I have a pack of life changers card which has different values. I have decided I will pull out a card everyday and relate that value to recognition at workplace.

At work, we all work as teams most of the times and we are dependent on peers,managers and directs to get work done. At work most of the times we are judged on our individual performance and we focus more on that. But as a team we are dependent on each other to complete the work. When things don’t go well, we are always ready to blame others.But when things go well, why don’t we take time to recognize our team for what they have demonstrated.

Many organizations don’t have platforms which enable this behavior. Organizations should nurture the culture of peer recognition and feedback. With the workforce mix changed due to millennial and gen-Xs  and ease of mobile use at workplace, it is very easy to create solutions to enable this behavior. When peers are open and transparent about giving recognition and feed forward then the team performance uplifts.

Peer to Peer recognition can be embraced in many ways. You can have simple thank-you cards, badges , shout-outs or latest technological solutions. Encourage dependability ad recognition at your workplace.

The author Jayashree Venkataraman is the Founder and CEO of Appreiz Inc which is powering modern open talent experience. In her role as CEO, she is responsible for product management, sales and business development.  Jayashree’s outstanding career spans two decades in advanced and emerging markets of US, India and China as a technology leader. Her expertise in delivering engineering and operational excellence for global giants like Microsoft and GE and her intrinsic coaching skills come together powerfully for Appreiz. She has an innate ability to delve into the heart of what enthuses talent, especially in an era of social platforms driving people engagements. Her acumen in defining strategy, managing operations and mentoring,  empowers Appreiz with a gamut of features that are insightful, exciting, and talent motivating. Jayashree is also the co-founder of 160 Hours. This modern company aims to revolutionize the way businesses address workforce challenges by offering man hours that can be bought. She is an Executive Coach with training from Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching, the world’s No 1 leadership thinker and #7 business thinker. She is coauthor of the book Project Leadership by Management Concepts . Jayashree has a MBA from Xavier University, Ohio, USA. Jayashree received the Woman Super Achiever Award from World HRD congress and Femina in 2017.


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