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Leaders – Be human and provide a coach to your employees during crisis

When Coronavirus started spreading around the world and when countries announced their lockdown, as any entrepreneur, I panicked and I was going through anxiety about business, survival and economy. Luckily I had access to a coach and coach helped me through the period to get over my anxiety.

As a founder of Appreiz, an employee engagement platform I started thinking how we could help companies to help their employees during the tough times of dealing with personal issues, environmental issues and also the economic issues. So I decided to introduce a feature called “Talk to your coach” for employees of the company which uses Appreiz. It is a B2B offereing. Companies can sign up for hours of coaching through Appreiz and offer it to their employees. Employees will then be able to book an appointment with a coach and talk to them.

Why should companies invest on coaching for their employees now?

Traditionally, companies invested only on leadership coaching. But given this pandemic crisis followed with economic crisis, individuals in an organization are going through turbulent times at work and home. They have either lost loved ones or worried sick about their loved ones getting sick. Double income families may have become single income familes or no income families. Kids are at home with no play school, school or college. Employees are working from home and working at home. For the mental well being of their employees and increase their productivity, companies should invest in coaching.

Because of lockdowns many businesses have to scale down or shut business. So employees are laid off or furloughed from small to big corporations. As part of a severance package, companies should provide coaching hours to employees so that they can go through their transition period and get back to work. Some companies do provide recruiting and counselling services. Coaching adds more value. Furloughed employees will go through more anxiety as they don’t know when their companies will call them to work. Providing them coaching for their mental well being will go a long way. What about Non furloughed employees? They go through added stress of not knowing when they will get laid of or furloughed.

Companies which have empathetic leaders will look for ways to take care of their employees. Now more than never is the time for every leader to be human and take care of their employees. Invest in your employees mental well being and it will pay off in the long run.

For more information on how to provide coaching to your employees,send email to info@appreiz.com.

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